Welcome to the Friends of Columbus Library Site.

Who are Friends of the Columbus Library?
The Friends of the Columbus Library organization is a separate entity from the library, and is made up of caring, involved people who support a strong public library that will the benefit the community. Friends enrich the library in many ways.

  • Support unique cultural opportunities by participating in local events, such as the Cabalgata in March.
  • Familiarize the public with library services and resources.
  • Raise funds toward purchase of library needs outside budget limitations.
  • Sponsor activities such as Summer Reading Program & Art Shows
  • Encourage participation in support of the library in all aspects.
  • We sponsor programs and cultural activities to encourage involvement in the community through the library.
  • Our efforts also enhance the library by donating important technology or by funding programs that would otherwise be unavailable due to budgetary restrictions of the library.


The Village library is the heart-of-the-village.  We are essential to the community, for many we are a technological lifeline, and for others a gathering place.  We are a place to see friends (perhaps make new ones), catch up on news, ask for help, and be inspired.  We are essential to the Village Library.  Please join us today in becoming a Friend.

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